Useful Tips on How to Store Your Medicine during Summer

Useful Tips on How to Store Your Medicine during Summer

The summer heat is a game changer in many areas of our life. This includes our medication as well. Improperly stored medication, plus summer heat, is a formula for disaster. Make sure that your medicine is properly stored this summer with these tips!

  • Keep them cool

    Medicine should be stored in a cool dry place – which is essentially the opposite of summer. That is why during summer, you need to be extra careful as to where you keep your medicine. Keep them away from windows. Also, keeping them in rooms that easily get hot during the summer is not advised. The heat can alter the chemical composition of your medicine, making them less effective. Plus, being exposed to heat or humidity can speed up the expiration date of your medication. Medicine cabinets are usually placed in bathrooms. However, the humid and wet environment may not be ideal, especially during summer. To be safe, keep them in your refrigerator.

  • Try Medicine Holders

    Worried about accidentally leaving behind medication in a car with this heat? Medicine Holders such as pill boxes or pill organizers are portable, and you only need to take a few pills at a time. This ensures that if ever such an occasion occurs wherein you leave your medication behind, only a few pills will be damaged. You lessen the risk of wasting and damaging a whole bottle of pills. Just make sure that you put proper labels and not mix in all your medications together

  • Check with Your Doctor

    Doctors know best when it comes to your medication. If you are unsure whether or not to trust your expiration date, have your doctor or trusted pharmacist check your medication!

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