Take it Right: 4 Reminders to Avoid Medication Errors

Take it Right: 4 Reminders to Avoid Medication Errors

To make our health better, our doctors prescribe medicines for us to take. Medicines help us heal faster or make our immune system stronger, depending on their purpose in our body. Despite those things being mentioned, these medicines can also put us in danger when administered wrong. This kind of medication error can result to a longer healing process, or worse, a development of more complicated health issues. That being said, Coastal Drug Rx lists some important reminders to avoid these medication errors:

  1. Inform and get ready to ask

    Your life and health can depend here. Therefore, as a patient, it is our duty to ask questions regarding the medicines we take and those prescribed to us. When visiting your doctor, make sure that you have the complete list of all the medicines you are currently taking, including herbal medicines, supplements, and the prescriptions you are still having. You should also inform them about medicines you have allergic reactions with, and describe what happens when you take them.

  2. Clarify

    Medication errors sometimes happen when we cannot properly read or remember the name of the medicines that the doctors prescribed to us. When your doctor writes your prescription, make sure that you can read it clearly or clarify it when you can’t. You should also confirm that you are asking for the right medicine when buying in the pharmacy. Some drugs and its names can look and sound alike.

  3. Organize

    It is better to have your prescription medicines organized according to the order you have to take those. Keeping your medications in its original containers can also help you determine which is which and how to take it. However, you can also benefit from the special packaging offered by Coastal Drug Rx to organize your medicines for you and avoid going through the hassle and confusion in sorting them.

  4. Read and check

    Check the label of the medicines before taking them to make sure that you are following the right instructions in taking the right one at the right time. When taking liquid medicines, it is better to use the cup that came with those in order to have the right measuring standard. Also make sure to check the expiry date of the medicines you are taking. Consuming medications past its expiration can take a huge toll on your health.

Being an active patient can help you be better. Other than your prescribed medicines, your cautiousness in taking these medications can help you improve your health faster and with no complications. Choosing the right Pharmacy in Berlin can also help your cause. Our Long-Term Care Pharmacy in Maryland will help you sort out your medications so that it will be less hassle for you, and you will feel more at ease in taking your medications.

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