Six Rules to Live By in Raising Healthy and Strong Kids


You probably have heard someone saying, “You are responsible for your own health.” While it may be true, it posits certain exceptions—one of which is your child’s well-being. As a parent, you are responsible for your little one’s health.

No parent wants their child to be sickly. Coastal Drug Rx, a Long-Term Care Pharmacy in Maryland, is here to support you. Below are some rules every parent should comply with in order to raise healthy and strong kids:

  • Breast milk is the best!

    Raising healthy kids starts at birth. Breastfeeding is best for babies, and there are several studies that support this. Aside from providing all the vitamins and nutrients, breast milk is also said to contain disease-fighting substances that can safeguard them from any disease.

  • Prevention is better than cure.

    Not only is prevention better than cure, but it is cheaper as well. One way to prevent diseases that may potentially harm your children is by giving them their periodic shots. We are talking about vaccines. Vaccines depend on the age of your little one. Ask their pediatrician about it.

  • Eat go, grow, and glow foods.

    In a checklist on how to be healthy, eating a well-balanced diet would never be excluded from the list. At a young age, children are taught about the importance of eating healthy foods. In fact, teachers classify these foods as go, grow, and glow. Encourage your kids to apply what they have learned, and that is through letting them eat vegetables, fruits, and other healthy products.

  • Cleanliness is next to godliness.

    Personal hygiene plays an integral part of your children’s health. Keeping the body clean prevents the contamination or spread of bacteria and virus. This lessens the likelihood of your children contracting an illness. Teach your little ones how to practice personal hygiene, including washing their hands regularly.

  • Laughter is the best medicine.

    When talking about health, most people talk about the physical aspects, like healthy diet and regular exercise. Some fail to take into consideration the importance of mental health. It is time that we advocate physical health together with mental health. Give them enough attention. Spend family time together doing fun things. A healthy mind produces a healthy body.

  • Fill in the blanks.

    Our body is like a “Fill in the Blanks” exam. You only need words or phrases to complete the correct answer. This is the same with your children’s nutrition. Observing a well-balanced diet is not enough. Fill in the nutritional gap by giving them daily vitamins. Want to know the right vitamins for your precious youngster? Talk to one of our outstanding pharmacists. We offer consulting services. Feel free to drop by at the pharmacy. We are located at 11307 Manklin Creek Road, Unit 1 Berlin, Maryland.

For a high-quality Pharmacy in Berlin, choose Coastal Rx Drug. From your children’s vitamins to durable medical equipment, we can help you with your pharmaceutical dilemmas. For questions, please do not hesitate to contact 410-629-0089.

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