Kidney Failure: 6 Ways to Take Care of Your Kidney

Kidney Failure: 6 Ways to Take Care of Your Kidney

When your kidney is healthy it is in charge of filtering toxins from the blood. However, if it has failed, you lose 85% or more of your kidney function. This is the stage when kidney failure patients will need dialysis to support the filtration of toxins in their system–or else they can have complications and die.

Dialysis is a medical treatment that helps your body remove toxins and prevent buildup, as it cleans your blood in the process. However, you should not rely on this alone, as your kidneys can still be in danger if you don’t give care for it enough. Here are some ways to take care of your kidney:
Change Your Eating Habits. If you have always been eating bad food like processed food, oily food, and high-sodium food, it is time to switch to more bland food that are better for you. From greasy burgers and fries, you now have to eat boiled fish or chicken–or whatever your doctor advises you.

  • Drink Moderately. With kidney disease, you will be constricted to a certain amount of liquid volume daily. Follow your doctor’s orders so that your kidney is less burdened with filtration.

  • Stop Smoking and Drinking Alcohol. Smoking and drinking alcohol complicates any disease you have and contributes to the weakening of your immune system. When you have kidney disease, you need all the strength you can get to aide in your body’s betterment.

  • Exercise regularly. This applies to anyone–even those who have healthy kidneys. Exercising actually helps boost your immune system and helps your body maintain its good bodily functions. It also lessens the occurrence of high blood pressure, which contributes to feelings of weakness and fatigue.

  • Meditate and Let Go. If you have been lingering on some negative thoughts about yourself lately, make sure you let go of them as soon as you can. There is an ongoing trend called mindfulness meditation that helps you become more aware of where you are now and helps you forget about worrying.

  • Listen to Your Doctor. You will undergo a number of checkups to get information about your body and its functions. This is when your doctor will be prescribing medication and scheduling dates for dialysis sessions. Follow the doctor’s instructions as much as you can. Exhaust all means of payment, especially insurance and help from donors.
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