Six Rules to Live By in Raising Healthy and Strong Kids

You probably have heard someone saying, “You are responsible for your own health.” While it may be true, it posits certain exceptions—one of which is your child’s well-being. As a parent, you are responsible for your little one’s health. No … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Manage Your Menstrual Cramp

“I mean if there was any justice in the world you wouldn’t even have to go to school during your period. You’d just stay home for five days and eat chocolate and cry.” —Andrea Portes Although it may not seem … Continue reading

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Is Consultation with Your Pharmacist Really Necessary?

“I assure you that it is our desire and intention to keep the doors of consultation always and fully open. There must never be a final word between friends.” This is spoken by former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower when … Continue reading

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The Importance of Always Checking Your Prescription Label

Did you know that drug-related illness accounts for more than five million emergency room visits? That is according to the reports of the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN). Furthermore, DAWN also adds that 49% of the visits were due to … Continue reading

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Are You Looking for Medical Supplies?

As a

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