Are You Looking for Medical Supplies?

Are You Looking for Medical Supplies?

As a Retail Pharmacy in Berlin Maryland, Coastal Drug Rx offers a one stop shop for all of your medical supplies. Whether you are looking for a wheelchair, or if you need some diabetic test strips, we make sure to stock just about everything that anyone could ever need to keep themselves in the best health possible. Here are just a few of the many different kinds of supplies that we are currently offering at your convenience:

  • Mobility Assistance: Mobility assistance is an important thing for many people who are suffering from a disability. Thus, we make it a priority to offer high-quality wheelchairs, crutches, motorized wheelchairs, lifts, and much more. When you need something that can help you get around, we may have the perfect thing for you. This is something that is very important to us because this equipment is used to help you maintain your independence. We want you to be able to stay independent and to keep on living life to the fullest, so when you need mobility assistance, allow us to help you today.

  • Diabetic Supplies: If you have diabetes, there are a number of things you will need to manage properly, such as insulin and diabetic test strips. The test strips are used to test your blood to find out the level of your blood sugar. For this reason, we make sure to offer these strips at affordable prices. We also offer insulin which can be used to control your blood sugar as well.

  • Other Products: We have just about anything you can imagine such as beds, thermometers, grab bars, maternity products, diapers, and much more. It is our goal as a Long-Term Care Pharmacy in Maryland to offer a large selection of exceptional but affordable medical supplies to meet all of your needs.

When you are looking for something that can help you get around like a scooter or a walking cane, or perhaps you simply need a thermometer to check your temperature, we got what you are looking for. So when you need a reliable Pharmacy in Berlin, just visit our website to learn more about the supplies we are offering to you now.


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