Are Vitamins Really Necessary?

Are Vitamins Really Necessary?

There is an ongoing debate on whether or not it is truly necessary to take vitamins. Some people argue that vitamins don’t cure you or bring any change to your body, so why take it? Well, the answer to that is more complex than most think. Here are some reasons why you should take vitamins.

  • Prevention
    Taking vitamins is one way for you to prevent from contracting a disease. Vitamins are made to support the body. Vitamin C in particular helps the immune system become stronger, thereby allowing it to fight disease better. And since vitamin C is not something the body produces, we need to take in sufficient amounts through food or vitamin supplements.
  • Proper Nutrition
    Taking vitamins is also to ensure that your body gets enough nutrients. In this fast-paced world, many do not have the time to eat healthy meals or prepare their own food. One way to still make sure that you don’t succumb into malnutrition is by taking in vitamins. Of course, this should not be an excuse to eat unhealthily. If you eat bad food, no vitamin can help you out.
  • Boosts Energy
    Feeling drowsy at work or in school? Vitamins may be what you need. When our body doesn’t have enough nutrients, it may not be able to sustain energy. We can’t function at optimal condition. Other people might opt to just drink coffee to get their energy up. However, too much caffeine can also be bad for the body. Taking vitamins helps boost your energy since it provides the body the nutrients it needs!

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