7 Great Tips for Managing Your Maintenance Medications


Did the doctor just prescribe you a long list of medicines? That is quite a problem. Note that non-compliance with even a single one of which may result in drastic changes. So brace yourselves. For the sake of good health and longer life, take advantage of the existing means of complying with your medication requirements.

Out of ideas on how to organize and implement your medical prescriptions? Coastal Drug Rx, a Long-Term Care Pharmacy in Maryland, has a few techniques you can try. Please see the enumeration below for some practical tips in medication management:

  • Get to know every drug.

    As much as possible, memorize the names and features of your prescribed drug. This will help you in resolving any confusion with regard to what drug should be taken next. Also, some drugs are too synonymous with each other. By being keen, you will be able to tell the necessary differences.

  • Properly plot a medication schedule.

    When are you going to take the prescribed medicines? How long are you going to continue the intake of the same? Simplify the answers to these questions by condensing the same into table form. You may also add highlights and other marks.

  • Take advantage of smart medicine packaging.

    Why not regroup your medicines? To help you with that, use specialized blisters and containers. You may also request to add necessary marks like dosage frequency and expiration date.

  • Set alarms.

    Better do this digitally. Many phone application nowadays is already crafted to simplify things for you. This is very effective among busy-bees.

  • Ask someone to lend a helping hand.

    When complying with your medical requirements is not doable alone, ask somebody else to remind you. A family member, a friend, or a workmate. Anybody will do. So long as they are capable and willing to help.

  • Learn as much as you can.

    Gather information. Use the knowledge you got to develop tools and technologies to improve the current status of your medication compliance. Do not know where to start? Being with the little things like labels and medication storage.

  • When in doubt, ask the professionals.

    When the internet has no viable answers to your crazy questions, speak directly with a pharmacist instead. Even during pressed circumstances, never attempt to play the doctor. Do not just decide on what to do without being a licensed pharmacist first.

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