6 Reasons to Consider Medicine Blister Packs

6 Reasons to Consider Medicine Blister Packs

Blister packs are a variety of packaging with a pre-formed pocket. There are a lot of kinds and variations of blister packs in the retail market. In the pharmaceutical industry, blister packs are often used for selling prescription and over-the-counter medications. These cost-effective options provide an easy way for consumers to get their medicines.

Blister packaging offered by Coastal Drug Rx, a famous Pharmacy in Berlin, can be customized to accommodate various features and make it easy for people to take medications as prescribed by their doctors. Blister packaging has been popularly used for packaging prescription medicines. This type of packaging helps improve adherence to medication and reduce unnecessary medical costs. Other benefits of blister packaging include the following:

  1. Preserving Medication Quality

    Medication blister packs sequester every pill inside its own blister to prevent pills from rubbing together as the bottles move. This eliminates the possibility of small pill particles to form a layer of dust inside the bottles.

  2. Easy Medicine Recognition

    Blister packaging makes it easy for anyone to recognize a medication by offering a visual check of what must be taken. This ensures that users take the right medication at the right time.

  3. Easy Handling and Opening

    Blister packs are easier to open than traditional child-proof bottles. A lot of those who have reduced mobility in their joints order these packs.

  4. Easy Pill Storage

    This benefit is especially important when storing pills in discreet locations that are not within the reach of children or other people. A medication blister pack can be designed as a single-fold booklet that offers users the flexibility of storing pills in different discreet locations.

  5. Easy Medicine Transport

    A lot of people purchase small medicine boxes so they can transport just a small number of medicines instead of their entire medicine supply. A medicine blister pack can feature a perforated card which makes it possible for a medication dose to be transported, depending on what consumers need.

  6. Faster Medicine Dispensing

    Usually, people who buy prescription medications in a Retail Pharmacy in Berlin Maryland will have to wait for minutes to get their orders ready. Pharmacists will have to read the given prescription and sometimes confirm things with their consumers’ doctor before dispending certain pills. Getting medicines in blister packs helps in reducing the dispensing time. This is because pharmacists don’t have to spend a lot of time counting the number of pills again and again before giving them to buyers.

Blister packs are a great choice for people who are taking multiple medications or to those caring for someone and have the responsibility to manage their loved one’s medications. Monitoring medicines is as easy as taking a glance at the pack.

We provide blister packing for a lot of common medicines. Give our Long-Term Care Pharmacy in Maryland a call at 410-629-0089 to discuss your needs with a knowledgeable and friendly pharmacist.

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